As a wedding videographer, every event I undertake is not just a job, but an opportunity to craft a story—a narrative of love, beauty, and cherished memories. On the 24th of April 2024, I had the privilege of organising a styled shoot at the magnificent Tempo Manor in County Fermanagh. During this shoot, I wanted to capture the essence of ‘old money with a modern twist’ alongside a talented group of wedding vendors and creatives.

Tempo Manor, with its timeless charm and picturesque surroundings, provided the perfect canvas for our creative vision to unfold. From the moment the wedding vendors arrived, everyone was in awe of the place. Every corner of the venue, both inside and outside, had something stunning to offer.

With my camera in hand, I set out to capture every moment of this extraordinary day, from the intricate details of the decor to the heartfelt exchanges between the couple. Drawing inspiration from the theme of ‘old money with a modern twist,’ I sought to capture the fusion of classic sophistication and contemporary flair that defined the styled shoot.

As the day progressed, witnessing the collaborative spirit among the vendors and creatives involved was truly inspiring. From the talented florist who transformed blooms into works of art. To the vintage hire business, adding spots of elegance in every scene. Each vendor played an integral role in bringing our collective vision to life.

One of the highlights of the day was witnessing the bride and groom embody the epitome of timeless elegance and modern romance. It was quite special seeing months of planning unfold against the backdrop of Tempo Manor’s grandeur.

As the day went on, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for being part of such a magical experience. Every frame I captured was not just a video, but a piece of a stunning narrative. I couldn’t wait to get started with the edit and bring the story to life.

As a wedding videographer, the styled shoot at Tempo Manor will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and above all, love. A reminder of the beauty that exists in every moment, waiting to be captured and cherished for a lifetime.


Watch the full styled shoot video here.


Styled Shoot - Tempo Manor County Fermanagh



Please find below the list of vendors and creatives (with links) who were part of this stunning shoot:

Venue – @tempomanorestate
Photography – @bigbeard_photography
Videography – @cruisingcreative
Dresses –
Suit – @tomreadmenswear
Florist & Styling – @wildfeathereventstyling
Outdoor Styling – @wilde.dining
Vintage Rentals & Styling – @theparloureventhire
Cake – @nicolas_tempting_treats
Signage –
Hair Stylist –
Makeup Artist – @broadlanebeauty_lisawinser
Wedding Content Creator – @dreamy.june.weddings
Content Creator – @socialwith.hannah



Styled Shoot - Tempo Manor County Fermanagh